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Where to Find Hip Hop Instrumentals


There are a number of rappers out there that have great lyrics and flow, but do not have the music and instrumentals to back it up. Those that want to get ahead in the rap game will need hot hip hot instrumentals to transform their lyrics into a fully formed song. There are many places that offer hip hop beats for sale, but not all of them are what they seem. Before spending a lot of cash on rap instrumentals you should know some of the things to avoid and where to find the best hip hop instrumentals.


Know What You Want

Before you purchase hip hop instrumentals it is important to know what you want and how you plan to use them. If you are just using the beats for demonstration purposes then you should probably look for some free hip hop instrumentals that will get you started. Hip hop beats with an exclusive license will likely cost you some money, so if you aren’t going to use them to make a profit, just find some free hip hop instrumentals online. There is no reason to pay a lot of money for beats if you are just making a homemade mix tape for your friends. If you are serious about the rap game you should seek out great rap instrumentals and avoid the low rate freebies.


Be Unique

If you are going to pay for exclusive hip hop instrumentals make sure that they are truly exclusive. You should confirm with the producer that he or she is not going to sell these hip hop instrumentals to a bunch of other people. If you want to be truly unique you can’t have a song that has rap instrumentals that dozens of other artists are using. Try to find a place with hip hop beats for sale that allows you to be the sole user. This will ensure your songs don’t just end up in a pile with a million other mix tapes with the same instrumentals.


Buy Quality

It is obvious that you should listen to any hip hop instrumentals before buying them, but you should be listening for more than just dope beats. Although some small sound issues can be fixed by a sound editor, large ones could leave the track sounding cheap and poorly made. Make sure you buy only hip hop instrumentals that have high quality sound and no major issues, otherwise you could end up spending a lot of time and energy fixing them.


Find a Trustworthy Producer

If the site has hip hop beats for sale, but does not list the name or contact information of the producer, then you should probably avoid it. You should be able to contact the producer to ask questions, or just to ensure it is a real person and not a scam. The site should also have previews and samples of beats so that you can get a better understanding of this producer’s style and the type of hip hop instrumentals they create. If you do find someone with great hip hop beats for sale, don’t be afraid to buy a large amount before someone else swoops in and gets them. You might have accidentally stumbled upon the next hip hop sensation. If you do decide to work with a producer exclusively, don’t be scared to ask them for a discount on bulk amounts of rap instrumentals.


Where to Look

If you want to find hip hop beats for sale or free hip hop instrumentals there are a number of places to look. Most people will just turn to their trusty online search engine, but don’t be afraid to get out there and pound the pavement. It will take more than just a Google search to find the best hip hop instrumentals.


The Internet: There are hundreds of websites offering hip hop instrumentals. Be sure to do plenty of research before purchasing anything so you know what you are getting into. Make sure to ask questions about exclusivity and copyrights to ensure you always have control of your work.


Your area: One of the best ways to find hip hop instrumentals is to keep your ear to the ground. There may be a budding producer in your area that would love the chance to work with a top notch lyricist. You may be able to get some free hip hop instrumentals from someone that just wants to get their name out there. The best rap instrumentals don’t always come from the most famous producers. Stay in touch with your local rap game and you could find a hidden gem on your block.


Your homies: Some of the best rap groups started with a couple of friends mixing lyrics and hip hop instrumentals in their garage or basement. If you know a friend with skills, give them a call and get something started. You are much more likely to trust your friends and might even be able to get some free hip hop instrumentals for your lyrics.


Hip hop shows: Those that are truly on the grind will go to as many hip hop shows as possible in the hunt for rap instrumentals. You could pass out some mix tapes and demos of your lyrics, which may help you to find a producer. You will never get discovered if you don’t try and one of the best ways is to stay in touch with the hip hop scene by going to shows.


Know the Game

Now that you know some of ways and places to look for hip hop instrumentals you can get out there and start hustling. Becoming a rap star is not easy, especially if you don’t have rap instrumentals for your lyrics. The best way to find hip hop beats for sale is to look in a variety of places, from the internet to your friends and local DJs. With diligence and a little luck you might be able to find hip hop instrumentals that will turn your lyrics into a hit song.